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About 1K Ampere

1K Ampere is a versatile Hindi cover band based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have been actively performing live across India since 2015.


Their music is a blend of vocalist Saket Singh's classical nuances and the rock music influences of their guitarist StringgBender and percussionist Kunal Singh (a.k.a windmill Singh). Hence, their music is much energetic for a small setup and they love to keep it enjoyable for their audiences.


The band's ex-guitarist Shikhar Gupta (a.k.a Piranha) has been instrumental in developing the band's work culture, producing their YouTube covers, and in uplifting the overall playability of the band.

It was originally founded by Stringgbender along with former vocalist Deepa Shanbhag and former flutist Utkarsha Dhabe on 8th July 2015. Their first live performance came immediately on 11th July at Prabodhankar Thackeray Auditorium, Borivali.

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